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The free hosting can only be used for legal purposes which do not violate any UK, USA or EU laws. In case of law violation we reserve the right to delete the websites and accounts owned by the client without providing any notice or reason.

All orders made by the client are activated by the admin manually after the registration information has been validated. In case questionable validity of the information provided we reserve the right to decline the service provision or account registration.

To register a free hosting it is necessary to provide a valid information about you and/or your company such as name, surname, company name, address, e-mail, phone number, country of residence, postcode etc.


It is forbidden to store any content or other services that violate laws or third party's rights.

Client should restrain from:

- storing any types of gaming projects and hostings

- streaming music and video, hosting casino, bitcoin mining, financial pyramids, surfings scripts, bots, and other services which may result in complains

- creating portals which promote or provide materials for hacking, malware, and phishing

- spamming

- using websites to store files or file sharing resources

- using chat, file download and proxy scripts

- using any type of online games

- installing cracked versions ofscripts

- using account only for file storage

- creating and using peer-to-peer networks

Clients using our free services should also restrain from:

- storing any materials harmful for underages

- social engineering and identity theft

- downloading, transferring, and distributing any content without having legal rights to do so

- downloading, transferring, and distributing any content which violates Copyright and Patents Act and Computer Misuse Act

- downloading, transferring, and distributing any content which promotes unauthorised advertising, spam, creation of "web-pyramids" or any other form of illegal advertisement

- downloading, transferring, and distributing any viruses, malware, or software designed for hacking, limiting functionality of a hardware or software components

- media streaming

- stalking and harassing other people

- obtaining personal information about other users

- promoting any medicinal and narcotic substances and biologically active additives

- storing any content that may arise interest of police, intelligence, copyright holders or any other legal bodies

- storing websites with deceitful key word with the purpose of abusing search engines and websites with auto-rediction to other websites

- storing websites with invisible sections (<iframe>)

- storing open sourced CMS version which are no longer supported by developer

- storing any religious content without prior agreement

- performing any activity which violate basic ethics as well as harm other resources in the Internet

- performing any actions of destructive manner

It is forbidden to store websites as well as links for the following websites!

Website which violate our rules will be discontinued without notice.

If you are not sure if your website is following UK, USA, and UK laws, please contact sales department.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions please consider switching to our paid service (as it has much less restrictions) or use services of other hosting providers.

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